Our Malagasy Litter

Upon embarking on the path to becoming a breeder my primary goal was to focus on the health and temperament of my future litters.  This evolved into a year long search to find a “stud” that would not only compliment my female Cotons, but was also as genetically unrelated as possible.  This brought me on an unexpected journey.  I corresponded and later became friends with a breeder in the Czech Republic, Monika.  Monika has embarked on her own adventure and had recently exported a Coton de Tulear, named Adam from Madagascar.  Monika thought that it was equally important to add diversity to the gene pool and maintain the health of the breed.  She is a very established breeder and has bred for 15 plus years.  The breed originated in Madagascar and there are still healthy happy Coton de Tulears living in Madagascar.  You can read more about the Malagasy Coton Preservation Clubs (MCPC) recent trip to Madagascar.

Monika was gracious enough to allow us to bring Adam to the United States to mate with our two females and begin our breeding program.

We are proud to announce that our first girl, Lily has had her ultrasound and is due late April.  Bree will have her ultrasound next week.  For up to date information and pictures, please visit our Facebook and/or Instagram pages @WhiteBirchcotons